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Talk of long night walks by the river there.

"She knew the answer before you asked but couldn't articulate properly."

18 April
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I wonder what mine would say. Probably:
"She knew the answer before you asked but couldn't articulate properly."

Janeway: "Is that really an ancient legend?"
Chakotay: "No. But it made it easier to say."

"There was a tradition on Romulus that when a loved one died you would paint your grief upon your skin. Ancient symbols of love and loss. In time the paint would fade, and with it the period of mourning. Life would go on. We paint these symbols on our skin now. But we burn them deep. So that they will never fade. Because life does not go on. We died with our friends. We died with our families. We died with Romulus. And all that is left is revenge." ~*Memory Alpha*~

Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away. Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If one offered for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly scorned. ~*Song of Solomon 2:10-13*~

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"This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can."

President-Elect Barack Obama


text by smercy with permission


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